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The best engineer in all of Koppai!


Alphie is a Discord bot made up of multiple microservices, mainly written in Go and currently running on a cluster of four nodes.

This was my little passion project during my first year at ETH and was mainly made with the purpose of helping students in their day-to-day life at ETH, provide some entertainment, and let me practically learn how to run a microservice architecture.

Alphie’s features include:

  • Reliable uptime with Kubernetes.
  • Creating clips of currently livestremaing ETH lectures on demand to view them again later.
  • Random 2D image generation of a fluid or a ball bouncing around in a box.
  • Automatic TODO lists generated for course assignments, where students can subscribe to preset schedules or add their own items.
  • Playing a game of Blackjack in a Discord chat.